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Judicial Watch: Hunter Biden Took 411 Flights, Visited 29 Countries in 2010 to 2015, Secret Service Records Show

‘Active fella’
By Grabien Staff


DOBBS: “Secret Service records show Hunter Biden took more than 400 flights while Obama and biden were in office before hunter bind joined Burisma. — biden joined Burisma. Active physical — fella. He visited 29 countries including China 5 different times. 400 flights, that’s quite, that’s quite an active fella. Well, joining us now, Tom Fitton, the president of Judicial Watch. Tom, first of all, this is fascinating. This and much more about Hunter Biden. Just when you think there’s a kauai yes, sir sense descending over the subject, there’s Judicial Watch. What do you make of this, his rather active flying?”

(h/t FrontPageIndex)

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