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‘Justice They Deserve’: Joe Scarborough Calls for AG Barr, Durham To Be Disbarred

‘Why would anyone shame themselves like this?’


SCARBOROUGH: “Well, and, Willie, the outrageousness of it all, again, all of Donald Trump’s lies, all of his conspiracy theories laid bare. As Gene said, the conspiracy theories about the FISA warrant and Carter Page and that starting the investigation can be disproven by a three-second look at a timeline. The same thing with the Steele dossier. It doesn’t match up. The timeline, it just doesn’t match up. But in this case of Durham, I think — I mean, we know — we know Barr will do anything for Donald Trump. He’s his Roy Cohen. He’s his hack. We know that. He’s already committed perjury before Congress. I’m surprised somebody hasn’t moved to disbar him, because he really should be disbarred. And we’ll see if Durham should be disbarred as well. It’s happened before, Bill Clinton got disbarred for perjury, and we’ll see if these men continue doing what they do. Perhaps they’ll be disbarred too and perhaps justice will — they will be met with the justice they deserve.” 

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