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Kallstrom: ‘I Want Jim Comey Under Oath’ About the Clinton Investigation

‘Why did he think there was any chance of ever indicting Hillary Clinton?’
By Grabien Staff


MacCALLUM: “But if they do the kind of investigation that you are suggesting, and I don’t know if they will, if this inspector general would do that, but they may uncover the pressure that was coming down from the top on him. To stay away from her, to treat her with kid gloves, that there was never going to be any indictment.”
KALLSTROM: “When I say thorough investigation, that’s what I mean. I want Jim Comey under oath so he could tell the truth about what actually happened.”
MacCALLUM: "Wouldn’t that be nice? Think that will happen?"
KALLSTROM: "And what he was told when he asked for a grand jury, and obviously it was said no. What about that whole business with Loretta Lynch on the tarmac? Now, for the FBI director to sort of make the decision on whether to prosecute somebody, that doesn’t happen, that should never happen."

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