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Kamala Harris: ‘We Will Create Jobs for the People of Southern Mexico’

‘We will invest in an inclusive and green development capacity’


HARRIS: “Together we will modernize our hemisphere's infrastructure through the plan the President has outlined in partnership and cooperation with our friends, Build Back Better World. We will together create an environment to attract investment and business growth, and at the same keep an eye on what we must do to root out corruption. We will invest in an inclusive and green development capacity, and we will create jobs for the people of southern Mexican and Central America. And President Lopez Obrador and I and the Secretary had extensive conversations about our mutual commitment to addressing the root causes of migration. And together, doing all of this work, we will ensure that women and children benefit from this growth and prosperity. Following this dialogue, I’m confident that our nations will continue to work together, that our companies will continue to create jobs together, and that our people will enjoy greater prosperity and a greater quality of life. Together the United States and Mexico will set an example for what is possible in the Western Hemisphere."

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