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Kara Swisher on Biden’s Gaffes: ‘Trump Is Literally Just as Bad, He Just Screams More Enthusiastically’

Wallace: ‘It’s not the same because [Biden] makes more mistakes and he seems more compromised’
By Grabien Staff


SWISHER: “But he’s got to be the one to do it, right? You can’t just make someone who has gotten to this level, which is the president of the United States, to do it. So he’s got to be persuaded by the people around him if he was going to do that. The second thing is, Trump is literally just as bad. He just screams more enthusiastically. So he’s an older person who seems more vibrant, but does almost similar things all the time, forgetting people, forgetting names, tripping over things. And this is something Biden has done for a long time, by the way.”

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