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Kate Bennett: There Are People in the White House that Are Not Thrilled that Major’s There

‘I get a lot of this isn’t news on my beat’
By Grabien Staff


BENNETT: "I get a lot of 'This isn’t news' on my beat. Listen, I think it’s news. I think that the Bidens made a big deal about these dogs coming into the White House. I’ve done the reporting behind the scenes. You know, no one is blaming Major. Major is a dog, a good dog just doing his dog thing. But there are people in the White House who are not thrilled that Major is there. You know, I’ve spoken to people that are concerned that he charges, that it often doesn’t seem like there’s control over him. Now we’ve had two incidents. And the White House medical unit being called is not a small think. We question the White House in everything else, maybe we should question them about the dogs, too. I mean, it’s part of our American vernacular."

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