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Kayleigh McEnany: Dems Get Four Years of Peddling Conspiracy Theories and We Can’t Probe the Elections?

‘Were criticized for saying, ‘Shine a light on the system’’
By Grabien Staff


McENANY: "But as you noted, four years of investigating, we had a special counsel, we had FBI, Peter Strzok looking into this before the President was even president, trying to frame him essentially. And then we barely scratch the surface when it comes to asking questions about voter fraud in our system and I had the whole White House press corps tell me, 'Mail-in voting is airtight. How dare you not trust the system?' But we barely scratch the surface and we get hundreds and hundreds of affidavits, real, credible allegations of fraud. And meanwhile, we're criticized for just saying, 'Let's shine a light on the system.' Meanwhile, they get four years of peddling baseless conspiracy theories that turn out absolutely nothing."

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