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Kellyanne Conway: People Are Feeling the Biden Economics at the Gas Pump and the Grocery Cart

‘The winter of discontent is coming’


CONWAY: "It’s a big hot mess. And policies have consequences. This is the president who on day 1 killed the energy pipeline here in the country. Then he had some Russian energy collusion with Putin to make sure he approved the Nordstream 2 there. And these have consequences because people are now feeling Biden economics at the gas pump and in the grocery cart. And the winter of discontent is coming. They project that our home heating costs will rise as much as 54%. The other thing to note here is that under President Trump we had energy independence, net exporter of oil and natural gas for the first time in our history. Now, in addition to all these poor policies leading to higher costs for consumers, particularly middle-class and lower-income consumers, we have on top of that $630 billion and $3.5 trillion Biden/Bernie package, Sean, to prop up the Green New Deal which nobody wanted the last time.”

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