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Ken Dilanian: ‘It Was Perfectly Legal’ for Hunter Biden to Take Money from Foreign Governments

‘Hunter Biden wasn’t an office holder’
By Grabien Staff


DILANIAN: "Actually, we at NBC News, we tried very hard to talk to people familiar with the case who would neither confirm nor deny this 'Post' report, but as you know, Joe, tax cases are not all that difficult. He paid a $2 million tax bill last year, so he was in arrears on his taxes. The question with those cases is always when does it become criminal tax evasion, and there’s a lot of prosecutorial discretion about that. There’s a lot of people who evade taxes, who are never prosecuted criminally. So, that’s going to be a big issue in this case. In terms of corruption, conflict of interest, we have never heard a hint that there were potential criminal charges there because Hunter Biden wasn’t an office holder. It was perfectly legal for him to take money from foreign governments, as long as he wasn’t inappropriately giving them information from his family or something. There’s no hint of that. As bad as it looks, we should all acknowledge it looked terrible, he did this while his father was Vice President and in charge of Ukraine issues and he was taking $50,000 a month from that energy company, but no hint that he was ever going to be charged on that count. Again, yes, the tax charges, it’s a fairly simple proposition, but now it all comes down to what does this U.S. attorney in Delaware, who was appointed by Donald Trump, what is he going to decide in this case?"

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