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Ken Paxton: TX Sent a ‘Just a Few’ Migrants to Sanctuary Cities and Now ‘Everybody is Freaking Out’

‘[Biden admin] begged the cartels to bring all these people in’
By Grabien Staff


PAXTON: “You know what? It’s hard to even respond to that given the hypocrisy here. This is a problem created by the Biden Administration absolutely on purpose. They invited this, they asked for it, they begged the cartels to bring all these people in, but it was no problem because it was affecting Texas, it was affecting Arizona, it was affecting the Republican states. They were sending — because the cartels were bringing to the Republican states, and then, of course the Biden Administration would transport them to their state of choosing. It only became a problem when we started saying no, enough was enough, we can’t handle more than 5,000 a day, and we started sending them to other cities and states that were welcoming these people by declaring they were sanctuary cities. And now suddenly when they get a few, just a few, everybody is freaking out and they’re claiming that now Texas is the problem.”

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