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Kevin Harlan Delivers Hilarious Call of Super Bowl 55 Streaker: ‘Pull Up Your Pants!’

‘Be a man!’


HARLAN: “Someone has run on the field, some guy with a bra. And now he's happy and chased, he's running down the middle of the 40, arms in the air and a victory salute. He's pulling down his pants! Put up your pants, my man! Pull up those pants! He's being chased down the 30, he breaks a tackle from the security guy, a 20, down the middle of a 10, the 5, he slides at the 1 and they converge on him at the goal line. Pull up your pants, take off the bra and be a man! And the players with hands on hips at the other end of the field are looking at him and shaking their head and saying, 'Why oh why is this taking place in a Super Bowl?!'"    

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