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Kilmeade: Cops Are ‘Getting Discredited and Blamed for Everything That Goes Wrong’

‘We are in the middle of anarchy’
By Grabien Staff


KILMEADE: “And guess what? They have a degree of pride. They understand what they are doing on a daily basis. They might be overextended. So not only are they not getting credit for doing stuff that would normally be out of their auspices, they are getting discredited and blamed for everything that goes wrong. So many, like the Bronx precincts commander said, 'Even though I’m coming up on 30 years, I quit.' Even though 279 officers in the NYPD quit. 183 in Milwaukee — in Minneapolis quit. Let me ask you something. Is that the outcome you want? Because if you do, welcome to the Wild West in 2020. Because without police, who, by the way, everyone calls, everyone wants police when they need them, but no one wants them when they don’t, so — you can’t have it both ways. And it’s up to these lawmakers, everyone running for a Senate seat or a State Senate seat to speak up and tell us where you stand. Because there’s a way to make this better, and there is a way to make it worse. We are in the middle of anarchy. All these cities are change, Seattle, New York, Milwaukee, Minneapolis. Every major city is changing right before our eyes. I can’t believe we are allowing this to happen. I can’t believe we are allowing our police to be the bad guys."

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