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Kimmel: It’s the Coast Guard, DEA Agents, Customs — the People that Trump Stopped Paying Who Can Stop the Influx of Drugs

‘Prisons have walls, drugs get into prisons all the time’
By Grabien Staff


KIMMEL: “He handed out butterfingers and m&ms. I wonder if he hands out the brown m&ms or if he stuffs those back in the bag. But the morning started with a press conference about the wall, the president is pointing to other countries as proof ... Yeah, right, never have any problems in Israel. Here’s the thing, walls don’t stop drugs from getting in. Prisons have walls, drugs get into prisons all the time. You know what will stop people from getting across the border? The customs and Dea agents. The people Donald Trump hasn’t been paying for the last three weeks. One reporter Jon Karl asked why they didn’t just pay the workers.”

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