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Kimmel: Nat’l Emergency Vote Is Trump’s Most Embarrassing Beating Since Stormy Got Him with a Magazine

‘So this is what the president should be worried about’


KIMMEL: “So this is what the president should be worried about. The Senate, in a rare bipartisan move passed a resolution to block the president’s bogus declaration of a national emergency. Vote 59-41, even after he tried to strong arm the Republicans, 12 of them flipped. It’s most embarrassing beating he’s taken since Stormy Daniels got him with a magazine. The president is expected to veto the resolution, even tweeted the word veto. And this is a good nugget. Trump was reportedly enraged last night when three Republican senators, including Ted Cruz and Lindsey Graham interrupted his dinner to try to pitch him a compromise. They should know, you do not get in between that man and his kfc. It’s just not.”

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