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Kimmel: Trump Calls Obama a Cheater on the Day His Lawyers Is Trying To Move His Case on Stormy Daniels

‘He still hasn’t tweeted ever about Stormy Daniels, instead tweeted — ‘
By Grabien Staff

KIMMEL: "Meanwhile, Team Trump is now trying to move Stormy Daniels lawsuit to private arbitration because he’s shy. He doesn’t like his name out there. Trump wanting to take Stormy a little bit more private is how he got into this mess in the first place. But the president did not tweet about this today. He still hasn’t tweeted ever about Stormy Daniels, instead tweeted, 'thank you to Rasmussen honest polling higher than cheating Obama for the same time in his administration.' That’s his new nickname. He called Obama 'Cheatin' Obama' on the day his lawyers are trying to move the case of a porn star they paid $130,000 to not talk about having sex with him after his wife had a baby into private arbitration. That’s the genius of Donald Trump. It is the 'I’m rubber, you are glue principle' although in this case there was no rubber, at least according to Stormy Daniels."

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