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Kimmel on Trump Taking HCQ: Maybe He’s Afraid of Being Re-Elected & Wants To Kill Himself

‘And I think he’s had enough’


KIMMEL: "Why would he do this? Why would he do this to prevent coronavirus, and not wear a mask to prevent the virus? I thought about it for a long time last night, and I’ve come to what I think is the only reasonable conclusion. He’s trying to kill himself. Remember how we all said he didn’t really want to be president? He wished he was at home, at Mar-a-Lago playing golf and finding ways to humiliate his friends, that he’s miserable in the White House? Well, guess what? I think we were right. And I think he’s had enough. I think he’s worried he might get re-elected, despite the fact that he’s done everything possible to make sure no one would ever want to vote for him again. He colluded with Russia. He extorted Ukraine. He declared his love for Kim Jong-un. He made fun of John McCain. He threw paper towels at Puerto Ricans. He paid off a porn star. In the middle of a pandemic, he wants to reopen the mall. The man stared directly into an eclipse and none of it worked. He’s still popular and still trapped in that White House and there’s only one way out. A big glass of bleach with a hydro and Z-Pak chaser! I don’t think people understand, this is a cry for help we're hearing. Everyone is paying attention, but no one is paying attention. His Twitter feed alone is basically the world’s longest suicide note. He hates his life. And of course he does! Imagine having to live every day knowing that at any minute now, Don Jr. or Eric could walk in and say, 'Hi, dad.' It's a nightmare! I’m amazed he’s made it this long. Donald Trump could be the first president who ever tried to assassinate himself. And somebody needs to watch him because he really outdid himself this time.”

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