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Klobuchar: The Movie ‘The Day After Tomorrow’ Is ‘Today, Like It Is Happening Now’

‘The military has been predicting this for a long time’
By Grabien Staff


KLOBUCHAR: “The old movie 'The Day After Tomorrow,' is today. Like it is happening now. General Mattis, who I like so much, the military that you just had on, the military has been predicting this for a long time. So I think it’s really important to bring to this debate private sector, the arguments that we see in rural America and the Midwest if we’re going to get the votes to get this done, as well as the security issue --"
KLOBUCHAR: "-- as we see refugees coming in places like Sub-Saharan Africa moving up because we’re going to start having security issues everywhere because there simply isn’t the way to keep having the economy that we depended on."

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