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Klobuchar: Senate Gun Bill ‘Paves the Way’ for Other Gun Control Measures

“It’s so important to pass this bill on a bipartisan basis’
By Grabien Staff


KLOBUCHAR: "We have worked on this for decades. And after Parkland, I sat across from Donald Trump at the White House along with a number of senators, he said he was going to do something about background check. I still have the piece of paper. Eight times, nine times he said it, with the hash marks that I made that day, nothing happened. After Sandy Hook, nothing happened. And when you talk to the families who've been working on this for so long, they understand how difficult this has been, how disappointing this has been. So, to start with something that's going to save lives, even if a particular provision wouldn't have saved their own babies' lives, that is an act of love and generosity of spirit that you hear from the families of those that have lost loved ones. That's why we're moving ahead. And I think it actually paves the way in the future to look at some of these other provisions. But if you do nothing and you just go home, then we've got nothing. And that's why it's so important to pass this bill on a bipartisan basis."

(via Breitbart)

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