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KT McFarland on CIA Boss Praising Deep State: ‘I Experienced the Deep State’ Personally at Trump’s W.H.

‘They know exactly how to subvert the president if they wanted’
By Grabien Staff


McFARLAND: "You know, just think about this. This is the director of the characteristics a in front of a group of nameless, faceless bureaucrats and they are laughing about the fact that 63 million Americans are voted for Donald Trump can be dashed after he side because they don’t happen to like the result of the election. I experienced the deep state personally as deputy national security advisor to President Trump and they know exactly how to subvert the president if they wanted. We would have meetings in the Situation Room and within a half-hour the meetings were leaking out with their own particular spin. The same thing would happen to President Trump when he would call foreign leaders. Within a day the transcripts were leaked out by people who didn’t like what Trump was saying and thought they were far smarter and better equipped to rule this country than the American people. Trish: Brennan was laughing at Mclaughlin’s comment about the deep state, Daniel Hoffman. I would have to assume, you try and put that aside when you go to work every day in the intelligence services. But you have your own biases. But for whatever reason, Donald Trump brings out those biases among people. When you look at a guy like Brennan and some of the others whether it’s Mccabe, et cetera, are they behaving in a rational way or a way dictated by their own personal bias, and how dangerous is that for our country?"

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