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Kurt Bardella: Republicans Are Not Even Trying to Hide Their Racism Anymore

‘They’re just outwardly saying they’re racist, they’re white nationalists, they’re bigots’
By Grabien Staff


BARDELLA: “Well, Chip Roy has sent the signal that Asian Americans are less valued to him than his white constituencies, that people of color in general are not of value to him as compared to his white constituencies. Let’s clear a few things up. First, what he said, it’s not a Texas saying. It’s a lyric from a freakin’ Toby Keith song. Toby Keith is not from Texas. He’s from Oklahoma. A song called “Beer from my horses,” setting that aside, the inappropriateness, the callousness and the ignorance of raising lynching at a hearing about hate crimes and violence against a minority community just tells you that the Republican Party they’re not even trying to hide it anymore, Alex. They’re not even trying to cloak their racism and public policy like they used to do, they’re just outwardly saying they’re racists and white nationalists and bigots and that’s the only way to characterize what we saw happen and when confronted about it after the hearing, Chip Roy doubled down on it and he meant what he said.”

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