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LA Mayor Bizarrely Claims ‘Green New Deal’ Will Save Money

‘It’s time to save American taxpayers’ money’
By Grabien Staff


GARCETTI: “Absolutely. Well, we just point to here in Los Angeles. We just made one of the cheapest deals in the country, for instance, for solar energy, one of the things that Joe Biden has pushed. It created jobs and it was cheaper than a new gas plant. So it’s cheaper, it’s healthier and it’s creating jobs. In fact, about 1 out of 4 jobs we’ve created here in Los Angeles have been by investing in a Green New Deal that puts forward a new energy economy, electrifying our transportation, making our buildings more efficient. You know, when you make a building more efficient, it’s actually cheaper for the landlords and for the tenants. When you make the buses electric, they run on an energy that costs less to the rider and to the system. These things make sense not only financially, but Joe Biden is going to put millions of jobs into the hands of Americans, especially in those places that fueled last century’s energy revolutions with oil and gas. Now it’s time for Appalachia all the way over here to the West Coast to do that for all of America.”

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