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LA Times Columnist Calls Larry Elder a ‘White Supremacist’ Who Endangers ‘Communities of Color’

‘He’s essentially been running his campaign on Fox News’


GUERRERO: “I mean, kind of. He’s essentially been running his campaign on Fox News and on right wing media outlets. He’s refused to talk to nonpartisan media outlets and to journalists who are critical of him. Has reviews to answer difficult questions, and he does give us an opportunity to have a performance on social media denouncing those journalists and playing the victim, but he has been able to reach the minority of voters in California who embrace his right supremacist world view. You know, he’s co-opted this line by my fellow columnist from the headline, you know, calling him the black face of white supremacy, but he refuses to engage with the actual substance of our reporting, you know, the idea that his views were shaped by a well-known right supremacist named Jared Taylor who he repeatedly quoted in earlier writings, that he plans to reverse all of the state’s progress on immigrant rights and racial justice, and that he poses a real threat to communities of color for all of the reasons that we’ve reported in the past.”

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