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Labor Secretary on September Jobs Report: President Biden’s Economic Plan ‘Is Working’

‘We added 5 million jobs since President Biden took office’
By Grabien Staff


WALSH: “If you look in the public education sector, certainly there's something going there that people aren't going back to work or for some reasons we're not filling those jobs. So that was one of the places that really, I think — probably the forecast is expected that would see higher numbers, and if those numbers came in as planned, obviously we'd probably hit the 500,000 job number. But there’s a lot going on here. But I will say that, you know, President Biden’s economic plan, in my opinion, we look at 194,000 jobs this month, there are 317,000 in the private sector. The plan is working. We've added nearly 5 million jobs since President Biden has taken office. We're still working to get — the vaccine mandates are working. The more and more people get vaccinated, the more and more participation we see in the workplace. So we just need to continue to move forward here. We can’t stop in our work, we have a lot of good, important work to do. We just need to keep moving forward."

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