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Lanny Davis: Trump’s Hush Money Payments Are a ‘High Crime and Misdemeanor’ and Could Be Impeachable Offense

‘It doesn’t matter whether it’s a campaign contribution or whether it’s a corporate contribution or whether it’s a personal contribution’
By Grabien Staff


TUR: "Do you consider what Michael Cohen is alleging, and if the DoJ can substantiate it or the prosecution can substantiate it, a high crime and misdemeanor?"
DAVIS: "I do. If the prosecutors in the Southern District, Michael Cohen, other evidence adds up to the President of the United States knowing, whether before or after the fact, that $130,000 of illegal money — illegal meaning above the campaign donation limits — were donated to influence an election as was stated in the document, that is a felony. We have heard Republicans in the Clinton impeachment say it doesn’t have to be a crime for it to be an impeachable offense. I agree with that. But if it is a crime, it certainly is an impeachable offense."

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