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Lara Logan: Border Agents Describe that Illegals Are Just Running Past Them

‘What you’ve done is bypassed legal immigration system and provided basically an open door’
By Grabien Staff


LOGAN: “More than 50 to 60 to 70% increases not just in the number of apprehensions but also in the number of known and recorded got-aways. Agents that I've spoken to describing people literally just running past them. And while a lot of people call this a return to the catch-and-release policy, Sean, what they don't realize is that the release part of that has been expanded. So now, if you’re coming over the border and you have a child with you who is 7 years old and under, Border Patrol doesn't interview you, they don't take DNA testing or anything like that, they have no idea if it’s your child. Anybody in the group with you is eligible. You get your biometrics taken, your fingerprints, and you get released on your own recognizance. So, you know, if you never show up anywhere, well, ICE isn’t going to deport you now, right? So it doesn't matter, you don’t need to show up in court. So what you’ve effectively done is bypassed the legal immigration system and provided basically an open door.”

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