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Lara Logan: ‘Nobody Trusts the United States Anymore’

‘Why would they?’
By Grabien Staff


LOGAN: “I cannot understand how you can have afghan women beaten and so of them murdered, how you can have your enemy, the people responsible for 9/11 on this very day, they are going through and taking 12-year-old boys and above and they are disappearing. These are the people that extended a hand of friendship to the United States for decades. Without them, nothing we have done over there would have been possible. As jake will tell you, what you have done here is obliterate your human intelligence capability. Nobody trusts the United States anymore. Why would they? We literally took the lists of player can citizens and also green cardholders and special interest visa holders and any other afghans who worked with us and were vulnerable and at risk and we gave it to the afghan al qaeda to hunt them down and murder them. Every time a handful of Americans gets on the plane for the theater of the taliban we celebrate. What we have done is given victory to al qaeda on the 20th anniversary of 9/11. I don’t believe it’s incompetence. There is way too many indications that indicate we know exactly what we are doing. Every procedure from disintegrating machines that are supposed to destroy our data. There are 400 million things we could be doing to change the outcome. We do not have to leave weapons in the hands of the terrorists responsible for 9/11. Some of the lies, judge, and I was very moved by your opening by the way. Thank you for including us. There are still afghans fighting today, special operations forces that never gave up. The democratically elected leader of Afghanistan is still fighting today. And we chose to side with terrorists and funds them with taxpayer money. Jake is right, we have never been more vulnerable, never been more isolated. And for some insane reason we are breaking the law, negotiating with terrorists. We were even going to give the air force in uzbekistan from afghan pilots who fled. We agreed do give those to the taliban. “

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