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Larry Elder: The Good News Is Biden’s Scapegoating Isn’t Working and They’re Running out of Scapegoats

‘He’s running out of people to blame’
By Grabien Staff


ELDER: "You know, Sean, and the good news is the scapegoating is not working. Only 2% of Americans believe the economy is 'very good,' and the overwhelming majority blame Joe Biden and Joe Biden’s policies. A memo to the ladies on 'The View,' however: Barack Obama presided over the worst economic recovery since 1949. The only time we’ve ever had a recovery since then where we didn't have at least one year where the GDP was 3 percent. And they're running out of scapegoats. Biden has blamed Putin, he's blamed supply chains, he's blamed greedy farmers, greedy oil companies, greedy meat producers. He’s running out of people to blame. The only thing he hasn't blamed so far has been their favorite Republican and that’s Abraham Lincoln. I think what’s next, Sean, is he gonna blame the inflation on racism? They’re running out of scapegoats. And the problem is, as Kellyanne kindly pointed out, there’s no course correction. They want to spend more, they want to raise taxes on, and they want to regulate more. They should be cutting regulations, cutting spending, cutting taxes, and the economy will turn around.”

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