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Lemon on Pushback Against CRT: ‘Privilege’ to Not Want to Have Your Peace Interrupted

‘People don’t like to have their pleasure interrupted’


LEMON: “That’s the idea of — that’s the whole thing about what privilege is. Is that you — you — people don’t like to have their pleasure interrupted. Their peace interrupted. And so, people think that it should be the way that it should be, because they have been taught that in — in — in this country. But, you know, telling people — having people come to the realization, especially ancestors of slaves, that they — they were enslaved. And that they were beaten, they were sold, that they weren’t able to accrue wealth. They weren’t able to go to school. They weren’t able to go vote. You think that makes them feel good? So, the folks on the other side, stop making it about you. And be curious, instead of judgmental.”

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