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Lemon: Supply Chain Issues, High Gas Prices Also Mean the Economy Is Getting Better

‘The demand is so high for people who are wanting to do good things and buy and be part of the economy that we can barely keep up’
By Grabien Staff


LEMON: "Okay, I agree with you. I'm not a big presents person so that doesn't bother me. But here is what I have to say about that. And I like to — usually you are a glass-half-full person, so I'm going to help you be a glass-half-full person. So, I talked to Kai Ryssdal last night who explained to me about the supply chain. Yes, it is terrible. People want to get their things. But it's also an indicator that the economy is doing well, people want to buy things, and that it's backed up. So, let's look at the part that, hey, the economy is great, people can buy things again, they're out and about, they want to buy gas. It's — you know, okay, fine."

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