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Leo Terrell: Rioters Are Not Protesting, They Are Criminals and Breaking the Law

‘This is a tragedy’
By Grabien Staff


TERRELL: “I have listen to your monologue and I want every Fox News to know I agree with everything you have just said. This is a tragedy. There is universal acceptance that the murder of George Floyd was wrong. We agree with that. I am disappointed, shocked that there has been no democratic lawmakers the last 72 hours who have focused on the criminal activity of these individuals who are not protesting, using the guide of caring about George Floyd. Is not happening. And I encourage all of you democratic lawmakers to stand up and criticize these criminals. I have tremendous credibility as a civil rights attorney. I think the president for getting the attorney general involved in this and the county district attorney for filing charges. But what cannot happen is that we just tell you the truth by, these democratic lawmakers do not want to alienate black voters. I’ve got news for you, you are alienating me. I’m a black motor and you have lost me and doing something about these criminals.”

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