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Leo Terrell: Rittenhouse Verdict Was ‘Color Blind,’ But It Doesn’t Make a Difference to CNN or MSNBC

‘What they want to do is inject racism in every aspect of our life’
By Grabien Staff


TERRELL: “You are missing knowing. You see Judge, the left doesn’t care about facts. The left plays the race card because they are racists. For their agenda, they need to play the race card. That was a color-blind verdict. There was nothing about race in that case from beginning to end. It doesn’t make a difference to CNN or MSNBC. And it drives me as a civil rights attorney crazy. What they want to do Judge is inject racism to every aspect of our life. If you don’t agree with them, you are a racist. If you support Kyle Rittenhouse you are a white supremacist. I’m a lawyer, I supported the verdict. So therefore what? We have people of all colors representing the judicial system.”

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