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Leonhardt on Vax Mandates: We Have a ‘Freedom’ to Be ‘Without Fear’ of Catching Covid

‘Americans deserve the freedom to go to school without fear’


LEONHARDT: "I mean, there are two ways to think about freedom, right? One is, does someone have the freedom not to get a vaccine shot? That’s a legitimate question. The other is, do we as Americans have the freedom to go out and know that we are less vulnerable to a deadly virus? That is also a form of freedom. And that’s why I think that this sort of pro-freedom case for vaccine mandates is actually stronger than the anti-freedom case. Americans deserve the freedom to go to school without fear, they deserve the freedom to go to school without health risks, they deserve the ability to go to football games and go to Broadway plays. And the long history of vaccine mandates shows two things: They make a lot of people mad, or at least a small percentage that often translates to a lot of people in a big country, and they save lives. And I think that is the likely effect of these vaccine mandates. They are going to push a whole bunch of people who weren’t getting vaccinated before to do it, because otherwise their lives are going to be really inconvenient, and they’re going to save lives."

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