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Lieu: Dems ‘Support Strong Border Security’ But a Wall ‘Is Not an Efficient Use of Resources’

‘We have got 21st century technology’


LIEU: "I and Democrats support border security. We are a sovereign nation. We have absolute right to secure our borders. We also want to use out tax dollars efficiently. And Building a wall across the southern border is not an efficient use of resources. We've got 21st century technology, human resources, other assets to better secure our border. And I think that’s where we are having the conflict."
HEMMER: "But you just heard the president say a drone cannot stop a caravan. You know that to be the case. How do you counter on that?"
LIEU: "We already did stop multiple caravans. All those large caravans that you saw going through Mexico, they actually did not enter the United States. Because our Border Patrol agents are doing a fabulous job. We already have assets down there. And if you just look at the facts, the FBI has reported based on their latest data, violent crime is down. Property crime is down. According to the Department of Homeland Security border crossings are at all time 20 to 45-year low. So there is no national emergency."

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