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Lindsey Graham: Donald Trump ‘Told Me Has Unfinished Business’

‘Joe Biden’s administration is out of control, and every day that passes we appreciate Trump policies more and more’
By Grabien Staff


GRAHAM: “I think all tiny make sure we take back house and Senate stop crazies, reconciliation, system spending like drunken sielors inflation through the roof the border completely lost here so blm is the president, really is very upset by what he is seeing, he thinks he has a plan to fix it, it worked before it will work again. And he told me there’s — some unfinished business in terms of what he would like to do as president for the nation to get us on a sustainable better footing. When you look at Trump’s four years compared to Biden’s six months — I like our chances to win the house and Senate in 2022 and take back White House in 2024. Joe Biden’s administration is out of control and every day that passes, we appreciate Trump policies more and more.”

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