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Lou Dobbs Defends Trump on Alabama, Mocks Media Coverage: ‘This Is Madness’

‘This is madness what we have witnessed over the last few days’
By Grabien Staff


DOBBS: “This is madness what we have witnessed over the last few days. Today here we, the snide and snarky may stand by, the national oceanic and atmospheric agency confirming that it provided information to President Trump late last week and early this week that Dorian could in fact affect Alabama. And this noaa map from last Friday clearly shows just that, that Dorian could have been on a track. These are estimates and guesstimates by our meteorologists in the federal government, that it might have an impact on Alabama. This of course is a lesson to the national left wing media. It isn’t the first time that this lesson has been appropriate for them because they never win against this president. No matter how hard they try. So with this, maybe this will encapsulate the lesson for the left wing media. You mess with a bull, you get the horn. And you got the horn. New concerns tonight from U.S.”

(Via Mediaite)

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