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Louie Gohmert Rants: If ‘Attempted Coup’ Culprits Don’t Go to Jail, ‘We’re Not Going to Last Much Longer’

‘It’s bad enough that this thing has gone on for two and a half years since the election’
By Grabien Staff


GOHMERT: “Well you’re a breath of fresh air hearing you. You know, Lou, you’re so equivical. You can’t make up your mind about how you feel about things. It’s bad enough that this thing has gone on for two and a half years since the election, much less now we’re finding out more and more was done before the election to try to keep Donald Trump from becoming president and then to remove him from office. And the fact that even after the Mueller report has come out we still have Republicans that are pandering to those who can’t stand the president. It just goes beyond the pale. You don’t find me agreeing very often with Jerry Nadler and speaker Pelosi. But I do agree. There is definitely a constitutional crisis and it has everything to do with that attempted coup by leaders in the FBI, the doj, apparently in the Intel community, some there, maybe the top people. And who knows, since we found out that President Obama wanted to know everything that was going on and we heard that gee, we can thank President Obama because he’s the one that set this whole thing in motion, it is outrageous. And somebody, hopefully a bunch of bodies, have got to be held to account or this will not stop. I know as a former felony judge, one of the things that you consider in sentencing is the potential for discouraging future crimes. Something you’ve got to consider here. If people don’t go to prison for bringing this little experiment in self government to the brink of disaster, then we’re not going to last much longer. That’s serious.”

(Via Mediaite)

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