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Luis Gutierrez: Trump Could Lead the KKK or the Neo-Nazis

‘This is ignorance to speak in such vile, racist terms’
By Grabien Staff

GUTIERREZ: "No, this is ignorance. This is ignorance to speak in such vile, racist terms. So the varnish and the paint has been stripped away from Donald Trump. And I know we feel it has been in the past. But god, isn’t — today is going to be a very memorial day. And that’s saying a lot in the Donald Trump presidency. Because we now know that we have in the White House someone who could lead the Ku klux Klan in the United States of America. Somebody who could be the leader of the neo-nazi, just his words. Sadly, the horror show that was put on in front of those congressmen today is going to be the matinee show unfortunately for millions of Americans who agree with this president."

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