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Manchin on Calif. Shooting: It Starts at the Top from the President Down to Each One of Us Showing Civility

‘And words do have meanings’


MANCHIN: "It’s just horrible. Just another tragedy and it continues just the whole dialogue, everything that goes on, the rhetoric, the demeanor that comes from so many people. And words do have meanings. And if people think this is the norm, than they’re going to think that basically, you know, just to do as they please. And we’re hoping that we can calm this down. It starts with all of us, Norah. It starts at the top from the President on down to each one of us elected officials showing civility to each other, showing basically tolerance, showing that this is a wonderful country and we're the hope of the world, coming together, trying to work together. We’ve got to able to show that and we have to be able to mean it. And if not, people are going to take all of their inner feelings and all of their pent-up hatred out into the streets. I don’t know, it’s just concerning and we’ve got to bring this country back."

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