Manchin: ‘I Have Not Seen Any Indication’ Obama Wiretapped Trump
‘We are upset about it, absolutely’


MANCHIN: "I haven't seen the thing that indicates that, whatsoever, I'm looking for more information. I'm getting as frustrated as every other senator up there. And today we are going to have a meeting on our -- Intel meeting, and we are going to find out. It's going to be -- I think it'd come to Jesus maybe. Let’s find out where we are. And I want to know, and I appreciate Lindsay doing what he is doing. And if we can’t get the information, if we can’t get the CIA, the NSA, the FBI and everybody giving us what we need in Intel, and basically a closed hearing where we are sworn to secrecy, if we can’t even get that how do we expect the public to have light on this? So we're -- we're upset about it, absolutely."