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Marc Lamont Hill: Jews Poison Palestinians’ Water, They Must Fight Back

Hill is not only accusing Jews of poisoning the water but also of deliberately murdering Palestinian children

LAMONT HILL: "Because I think part of the problem is, when we struggle together we too often adopt a civil rights tradition which romanticizes non-violence. That's the challenge. This is the last thing I'll say. That the challenge. It romanticizes non-violence. And how can you romanticize non-violence when you have a state that is at all moments waging war against you, against your bodies, poisoning your water, limiting your access to water, locking up your children, killing you? We can't romanticize resistance. So for me, part of the challenges when we started seeing 'We shall overcome' and holding hands and having sit-ins, which is important, it's an important and indispensable strategy and I would never disrespect that strategy, we just can't fetishize that strategy. We can't fetishize that here in the States.


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