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Marc Lotter: Report Pence Was Planning a Coup Against Trump Is ‘Categorically Untrue’

‘This is just an example of things that do not exist’
By Grabien Staff


MITCHELL: "You were with him during the campaign when the 'Access Hollywood' tape came out. According to reporting in 'The Atlantic' magazine today, the vice president was contemplating leaving the ticket, a coup against the ticket, joining up with Condoleezza Rice. That is the reporting in 'The Atlantic.'" 
LOTTER: "Categorically untrue. And I'll tell you, I can give you some specific examples, the vice president, then-Governor Pence, the day after the 'Access Hollywood' tape was -- was made public —" 
MITCHELL: "And he was the running mate already."
LOTTER: "And he was the running mate. He held a fundraiser. We traveled to Newport, Rhode Island for a large fundraiser, that's Saturday night, the tape came out on Friday. Saturday night we’re doing fundraisers for the election campaign in Newport, Rhode Island. A couple of days later, the -- the then-governor, as the running mate was on another cable news network in the morning and called it absolutely untrue that he was ever considered leaving the ticket over that." 

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