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Mark Levin on Biden: ‘This Is Karma’ for Trying to Destroy Robert Bork and Clarence Thomas

‘I met Joe Biden once and he never touched me’


LEVIN: "The Democrat party used to have a very high tolerance level for perverts. I mean, you had Bill Clinton who was a bell well-known pervert, you had Ted Kennedy who went beyond pervert they champion these individuals they supported Joe Biden for vice president of the United States for Obama. He got elected to the Senate when he was 29, sworn in when he was 30, he’s run for president about 700 times, but I think this is karma and I’ll tell you why. As chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, he tried to destroy Bob Borke overlies and tried to destroy Clarence tomorrow as overlies, he’s tried to destroy other nominees to the circuit courts over lies and now I guess he gets to see what it feels like a little bit not that these are lies but he’s had a long career and I suspect he figured that this sort of thing, I don’t even know if he knows he does it, but this sort of thing would never come up, that he would get a pass. The Democrat parties now radical left. Its gone off really and so they want to knock him off they’re going to knock him off political ly, because they’re into sort of a soviet-style approach to politics now, you no borders."

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