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Mark Levin: ‘Enough Is Enough,’ Durham Needs to Drag Hillary Before a Grand Jury

‘Hillary Clinton has always been corrupt, she’s always been a liar’
By Grabien Staff

WATTERS: "Clinton’s lawyer lied to the FBI to cover up the fact that Clinton was the one cooking up the fake Trump-Russia collusion story. Yet the CIA knew it. Obama and Biden were briefed on it, but they all went along with the hoax. So what’s next? Let’s go to the host of 'Life, Liberty & Levin', the great one as they call him, Mark Levin. All right Mark, your analysis of the Durham indictment."

LEVIN: "My analysis of the Durham indictment is Hillary Clinton is Mr. Big in the middle of all this. So my question would be for Mr. Durham, have you dragged Hillary Clinton in front of your grand jury or not? Because enough is enough. This Clinton campaign through this law firm was so thoroughly corrupt using its money to create false evidence against Donald Trump, connecting him into Russia. Then she would go out there and talk about how Donald Trump is bought and paid for by Russia. She had Pelosi do it. The Democrats were all tapped in, they're pushing the same issue, their friends in the media. SO really what this comes down to, you hammered it well on the FBI that Hillary Clinton has always been corrupt. She has always been a liar and she is still corrupt and she is still a liar and she has never been held to account. She needs to be brought in front of the grand jury, that's number one. Number two, the media are corrupt and filled with liars. Virtually everybody today in big media pushed this story. Yet they continue to have their jobs. They should all be losing their jobs. And finally this law firm, this law firm is detestable. It not only had Sussman as a partner who has now been scrubbed from their website but has this guy Mark Elias who is involved with the dossier and now is involved in the massive dark money network that Fox has reported  with a bunch of front groups that have raised hundreds of millions of dollars to try to affect the next election the way he and they affected the prior election in 2020. And you know what Jesse, we are not allowed to talk about it. We are told no, you're election deniers. We even have people like Chris Christie talking about it. So here we have more than enough evidence to show, Hillary Clinton, the DNC, this law firm and their favorite lawyer did with hundreds of millions of dollars lied about Trump, lied about corruption, lied about Russia. For three years this country was dragged to the toilet. And now we are not allowed to talk about it. And yet there is enormous evidence they are up to no good again with dark money, meaning no no transparent money. Billionaires put tens of millions of dollars into the effort in the next election. If we had an honest media this wouldn’t be going on, so they are as corrupt as the FBI and Hillary Clinton period."

WATTERS: "You got it."

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