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Mark Levin: There Has Been No Conduct by Trump That Merits Any Criminal Investigation

‘Robert Mueller has nothing’
By Grabien Staff


LEVIN: "He wraps himself in constitutional prerogatives and he dukes it out. The fact is Mr. Mueller shouldn’t be issuing any subpoenas. If you really want questions answered by the president to fill gaps in his massive investigation of nothing, then that is one thing. But he doesn’t have that. What we have here which is different than every other case the President has been involved in as far as I know, we have this broad effort to ask broad questions to catch a President. It is not how this works. It is not how it has ever worked in the past. They are supposed to be very narrow, related to some conduct of the President of the united States. There has been no conduct of the President of the united States that merits any criminal investigation. You want to know how I know that, judge? Because when Mr. Mueller was appointed, there was no criminal statute that was cited by Mr. Rosenstein and his appointment in the first place."

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