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Mark Penn on Mueller: ‘The Less They Come up with, the More They Investigate’

‘It appears the FBI ran some sting operations’ on Trump
By Grabien Staff


MacCALLUM: "Thanks for being appear on the rooftop with us. He wrote today that the deep state is in a deep state of desperation, what did you mean?"
PENN: "I think the inspector general's report is coming out. I think Devin Nunes is finding out what were the origins of the investigation. And there doesn't seem to be a real concrete intelligence origin for this investigation and without a foundation, one wonders what did we spend an entire year on? What did we disrupt everyone who was in the campaign, everyone who was in the administration, and I've seen -- I spent a year fighting this thing with Ken Starr and I think this thing is just plain wrong that has got to be ended at stopped."
MacCALLUM: "The reaction this morning on a lot of channels to the report that the president wants an investigation into what happened during his campaign and who may have been infiltrating his campaign perhaps to ensnare people involved in the campaign. The words that were used this morning, and abuse of power, Eric Holder says this inquiry is dangerous and threatening."
PENN: "I don't see it is dangerous and threatening. I think it appears the FBI ran some sting operations. We really see and hear people indicted for unrelated charges in order to flip on the president. We found people's lives being totally disrupted and ruined in order to get the objective of get the president. We get the president through elections. And if we don't get back to winning our battles on issues, Democrat or Republican, it's 1998 all over again and that the pattern we've seen. We've seen the less they come up with the more they investigate instead of the opposite."

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