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Mark Steyn: If Ronan Farrow Had Been the Typical Mid-Level NBC Reporter He’d Have Figured It Wasn’t Worth to His Career To Go Against Weinstein

“Without Ronan Farrow, there would be no me too movement’
By Grabien Staff


STEYN: "Yeah, that’s how he did it that’s how Weinstein operated. If it worked for him in los Angeles and New York and Toronto and Rome and London and Paris. All over the planet. And I think what we understand from this story and Ronan Farrow is not to my taste politically. He is on the opposite side of the spectrum. But, without Ronan Farrow, there would be no me too movement. There would be no me too story. The Weinstein story would never have broken. And obviously, in the case of Ronan Farrow it comes because of his particular differences within his own family that he was determined to stick to this story. And for that reason, I think he deserves even more credit. Because if he had just been the typical mid level NBC news staff, he would have done what everybody else did and figured it wasn’t worth it to his career to go up against Harvey Weinstein."

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