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Mark Warner on Trump-Russia Collusion: We’re ‘Early’ in the Investigation

‘We’ve issued a subpoena to General Flynn because he’s unwilling to cooperate’
By Grabien Staff

WALLACE: At various points, top officials, including former Director of National Intelligence Clapper have said that at that point, they had seen no evidence of collusion between the Kremlin and what I will call Trump-world. Have you seen any evidence of collusion?

WARNER: We are still relatively early in our investigation. But we are — we’ve issued a subpoena to General Flynn because he’s unwilling to cooperate. We’ve got a series of individuals that were affiliated with the Trump campaign that very serious allegations have been made about. We’re going to follow that intelligence wherever it leads.

There are so many individuals that have had some level of contact with the Russians, and this is, again, an administration that earlier on said there were no contacts at all. Now, we had the national security advisor get fired. We had the attorney general recused himself. And we have got a cast of characters that we intend to interview, that it appears at least, on surface, that they’ve had many ties with the Russians.

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