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Mass. Teacher Brags About Teaching 5 Year Olds White Privilege, Mocks Parents Who Expressed Concern Over the Lesson

By Grabien Staff


TEACHER: "Last year I taught entirely remotely, which means all of the parents got to hear all of my teaching, which is very exciting. The other part is that I was teaching remote kindergarten, which is hilarious, by the way, everyone should try. And so, I did a lesson on white privilege, essentially, how some people are treated differently based on what they look like and all the parents heard it. I received some e-mails that were like, 'Wow, that was a really powerful lesson. Thank you for starting the conversation.' And then I received some e-mails that were like, 'How dare you treat my white child differently?' I was like, 'Was that hard for you?' Like, so I think some of the things we need are — we need either talking points for families, because if we're going to talk to kids about this, this is really hard for parents to hear, especially parents who unknowingly lead very privileged lives and don’t know how to have that conversation without feeling like they've done something wrong.”

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