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Matt Gaetz: The Future of the GOP Is a 2024 Run By Trump

‘After the “Art of the Deal” is the “Art of the Comeback”‘
By Grabien Staff


GAETZ: "Well, of course. After 'Art of the Deal' comes 'The Art of the Comeback,' and I believe that the future of the G.O.P. is another candidacy for President Trump in 2024. I'm here in south Florida, I spent a couple hours with the 45th president yesterday, and he has a focus and a fighting spirit that is totally in line with the level of dedication and patriotism he had while he served as president of the United States, and he was talking absolutely like a candidate. But I have to push back and disagree with an element of your monologue, Steve. I don’t see a Republican Party that is entirely united. You know, when you asked the question, who wants to go back to the forever wars and bad trade deals and the caravans crashing across our borders, the answer is establishment Republicans, and there are a whole lot of them inside the 8 square miles of Washington D.C..”

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