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Matt Gaetz: ‘Nancy Pelosi Has Been Planning This Impeachment Since the Moment She Took Power’

‘If I were on the Senate, I’d look to get this behind us and get on to the work of the Trump agenda’
By Grabien Staff


GAETZ: "That is right, judge. The radical left Democrats filled the stockings of their anti-Trump base with rumor and innuendo and ultimately impeachment, but the rest of America, we just got a lump of coal. We did not get an infrastructure bill, we didn't get reform to our asylum systems, because Nancy Pelosi has been planning this impeachment since the moment she took power. As a matter of fact, Jerry Nadler, the chairman of Judiciary Committee, even campaigned to his fellow Democrats on the notion that he would be the person to bring us to this point. But the real question, judge, is why Democrats failed to meet the standard they set for themselves. They promised us a bipartisan impeachment. In reality, the only bipartisan vote was a bipartisan vote against impeachment. They promised us these hearings would animate a lot of public support for impeachment and we have not seen that either. The American people hate this and if Congress continues it, they may end up hating us."

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